We love to come up with challenging ideas and make them a reality. Our mission is to design and develop innovative solutions that improve the quality of life. We are visionaries of the future, innovators of the present, developers of ideas and designers of dreams.

What We Do

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Go Mobile With Us

Mobile Application Development

One thing we love is to stay connected. Mobile phones have brightened our lives and heightened our senses so much that we can see and hear more now.So in a world where people rely on their phones so much that they only see and hear through their phones, you will go unnoticed unless you go mobile.

No matter who you are and what you do, we have the right mobile solution for you. Get clients and customers knocking on your digital doors with a business oriented mobile app. Or maybe the wild dreamer you are, you came up with a cool app idea and wish to make it a reality.

We develop for popular mobile Platforms like iOS Windows and Android. Express and expose yourself, don’t go Unnoticed. Let the world discover you.

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Go WWW With Us

Web Development

The entire world is having a great time at the world wide web. Are you? If you are not online then you are missing out on the world. Do you have something to offer the world ? Well then the world wide web is your stage. Let the right crowd find you. We develop amazing websites that stand out.

Our designers know what's hot and will curate user interfaces relevant to your outlook. Our developers are masters of UX and will devise a great experience for your visitors. We engage in creating and deploying cloud servers, rest APIs,etc which are based on a broad spectrum of technologies such as node JS, python web frameworks, web sockets protocol and web RTC.

Express and expose yourself, don’t go Unnoticed. Let yourself be discovered world wide.

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Develop IOT With Us

Internet of Things

Keeping track of all things at once is difficult. Only if we were connected to everything right? What if one could adjust the temperature of a room, turn the television on, start a car and keep track of all their gadgets from one place. It would be like having a universal remote that could control everything.

IOT interconnects your devices end to end and let you be the puppeteer who controls everything through the invisible thread of the internet. That’s right, It makes your favorite sci-fi spy movie a reality. IOT aims at widening the scope of services and increase the range of connectivity between devices that goes beyond machine to machine communication. Through IOT we can achieve higher levels of automation.

Things, in the IOT, can refer to a wide variety of devices such as heart monitoring implants, biochip transponders on farm animals, electric clams in coastal waters, automobiles with built-in sensors, or field operation devices that assist fire-fighters in search and rescue. These devices collect useful data with the help of various existing technologies and then autonomously flow the data between other devices.

Current market examples include smart thermostat systems, washer/dryers that utilize Wi-Fi for remote monitoring and Blueberrywall photo frame that connects long distance couples.

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Get Intelligent With Us

Machine Learning

Machine learning is a kind of artificial intelligence that enables a system to think and make decisions on its own. It enables a program to learn from new data and teach itself to grow. Such a system can scan large chunks of data for patterns and use that information to improve its own understanding.

The power of machine learning can be used for developing 'Business Intelligence'. It involves a large spectrum of principles and procedures that can help you identify potential opportunities and devise effective business strategies. BI can interpret large volumes of data and provide insights to sustain a stable business with a competitive market advantage. Machine learning can be used in any field that deals with large volumes of data.

We will help you comprehend meaning from the bizarre data pool and sum it up to useful information which you can use to your business advantage.

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Develop Automated Voice Solutions
With Us

Call Center Automation

For both business and personal purposes voice communication is simply inevitable. Often times call centers and businesses face a lot of difficulties due to the lack of proper tools for communication. We develop software solutions that can automate and handle calls very efficiently. An automated solution is easy to use, cost efficient and increases productivity remarkably. We develop automated solutions that can be used internally in any industry or business.

Our services include automated dialing solutions to reduce agent idle time & user wait time, predictive dialing, agent assisted dialing and VoIP solutions.

project 5

Get On The Cloud With Us

Cloud Computing

We will take you to the skies. Keep your valuable data safe and secure up in the cloud. Don’t go looking for your files anymore, let them come to you. Through cloud hosting you can get all your data at your finger tips on any device you like. Be in touch with your valuable data all the time via any of your devices. To get technical Cloud computing involves deploying groups of remote servers and software networks that allow centralized data storage and online access to computer services or resources.

Our cloud services include Platform-as-a-service on cloud with rest API support, which makes you build your web/mobile applications in minutes on any popular technologies. DB-as-a-service, where fully managed/ scalable database is available as a cloud.

What We Have Done

Hammarby Fotboll

Hammarby Fotball App


Windows 8 Mobile App


We had the pleasure of developing the official windows 8 mobile app for Hammarby Fotboll, the Swedish football club based in the Johanneshov district of Stockholm. The app features the teams latest news feeds, updates, line-ups, fixtures, live scores, online shop, and much more. The UI is designed in a very user friendly way for the fans.

Problems & Solutions

During development we encountered some small problems with the apps lifecycle and performance. Our initial approach was to reuse the existing service layers used by the web application and call them on the Windows Mobile app. And later we did some image optimizations to increase the apps performance.




IOT Device, Web API, IOS and Android


We wanted to develop something cute for couples in long distance relationships and remind them how special they are to each other. Hence we came up with blueberrywall, world’s first IOT photo wall that lights up when your loved one thinks of you. From the very start we aimed at developing something which is very simple to use, personal, romantic and felt as less tech as possible. It consists of a high quality photo print showing 9 photos of your choice. It is not a screen or a tablet but a real photo print that hangs on your wall. The wall is synced with a mobile app and can be used to send cute miss you messages, voice, music and images. In the future you can even send something small like chocolates to your significant other.

Problems & Solutions

The hardware had many challenges during the development phase like the touch wouldn’t work without proper ground plane, the connectivity to the app, the battery life drastically reduced when using LED and so on. But we sat down and nipped each problem at its bud one by one. Our solutions were to use separate coin cells for powering LED, improve the app on the phone, use a big ground plane on PCB and sense change in mutual capacitance.

The wall has come a long way from a cute idea to a wonderful reality and we plan to release new features along with the next batch very soon.

Plant Health Management System

EASE - Plant Health Management System


Embedded systems, IoT


Harvesting crops require a lot of care and attention. Even a small lack of attention can yield a very bad result. We have realized the importance of having an automated plant management and monitoring system to ensure a good harvest. Ease is an automated system that can be used in both large and small fields to keep the plants healthy. The Ease Module can be controlled with your phone to irrigate the fields at your command. The Ease App is a virtual assistant that can help you cross-check problems and take proper measures.

The smarter version of Ease consists of a sensor module that senses soil characteristics and a controller module that controls the valve. Currently it monitors the soil moisture and irrigates the crops automatically when they need water. In future the Ease sensor will be able to scan the soil for mineral deficiency and predict damages or potential threats.

What Our Clients Have To Say

Who We Are

John Paul Babu
Delivery Manager

John is the guy who runs the show at Irisind. He is our delivery manager whose heart and soul fuels the company. He did his MS in Electrical Engineering from Karlstad University, Sweden. Later he completed his Master Thesis from Uppsala University and decided to take the ambitious road of an entrepreneur.

He keeps himself busy with research, management and the internet of things. It does not matter how long a man lives but what matters is what he did with the time he had is a simple philosophy John lives by.

Kaviraj Murugesan
Project Manager

Kavi is the megamind and core intelligence who make things happen at Irisind. The team suspects if he is an alien robot from the future. He is our project manager, lead researcher and a mentor to the team.

He did his B.E Electrical and Electronics from Anna University and later M.S Electrical Engineering - Robotics and Control Systems from Karlstad University, Sweden. After completing his bachelors he worked at Infosys for 2 years. Keen to learn more he did his Master Thesis / Research in Machine Learning from KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden. He is a Member of the ESTCUBE 2/3 satellite programme. For fun he likes to create awesome robots and sarcastic AI software that can crack you up.

Mohit Mohan
Lead Systems Engineer

Mohit is our lead systems engineer who loves to program and build hardware 24/7. He is the guy with the glasses who's got a solution for everything. Bright and skilled this young enthusiastic engineer is all about making things happen. When he is not busy building hardware he would probably be on the road taking long drives.

Muhammed Neswine
Systems Engineer

Neswine is one of our systems engineers who's all about backend development. He is the guy who can handle any amount of complex problems thrown at him. Don’t let this young engineers simple looks and casual lifestyle deceive you for he is a superhero when it comes to backend development. He spends his time developing effective solutions and creating efficient algorithms.

Vimal Vincent
Designer / Front End Developer

Vimal is a jack of all trades and master of some. He is our creative head who wears many hats. In short a witty and creative designer born with a knack for tech. He spends most of his time designing UI, defining UX, branding and doing pretty much everything creative . There is nothing more he loves than to travel. When not at the office it is likely that you will find him skydiving off a plane.

Anil C Jose
Systems Engineer

Anil is one of our brilliant systems engineers who is a wise wizard in programming. A guy who is really passionate and dedicated to what he does. He is our skilled knight when it comes to both backend and frontend. No matter what it is, if it has got code running through its veins Anil is the guy who we can count on.

Peramanathan Sathyamoorthy
QA Engineer

Peram is our QA engineer who is responsible for testing our software and ensuring that it meets the quality standards. He was the Former R & D head at Ekkalaiva Academy of Robotics, Chennai. He did his masters in operations and computer application from National Institute of Technology, Trichy and later masters in computer science from Uppsala university, Sweden. He is a guy who's all about tech and spends his time with data analytics, data science, Internet of Things, energy efficiency, mobile application development and so on.

Jijo Paulose

Jijo is one of our dedicated developers who love to spend time structuring the back end. His optimistic attitude and energetic approach provides a good boost to the team. When not busy solving complex problems and coming up with algorithms he spends his time watching movies and playing games.

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