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Internet Of Things - IoT

The internet of things is the next big thing and it is here to stay. We have worked on multiple IoT projects and have a few of our own products in the market at the moment. The market is demanding smarter products and better connectivity and businesses are migrating to take advantage of the huge potential the IoT market has opened up in terms of business and innovation. Get in touch with us to know more about how we can provide you a custom IoT solution.

Machine Learning

Different aspects of your business such as customer experience, analytics and market strategy can benefit from the use of machine learning algorithms. Data Analysis, Strategy development, Understanding customer interactions and pain point, recommending suggestions etcetera are few things that we can do for your business. With the help of machine learning we can improve the user experience for each individual separately and automate various complex tasks based on real time data.

Business Intelligence

Our specialized team of data scientists and software engineers will help you develop an intelligent business solution that will provide deep insights, suggest strategies, predict outcomes, help improve sales and revenue, take advantage of opportunities and much more for your business. Successful companies understand the importance of gathering information and being on top of the know game. Our data scientists use a combination of inter complementary disciplines of artificial intelligence, machine learning and data mining algorithms to process huge chunks of misc data and derive valuable insights from it.

Mobile & Web Applications

We use the latest technologies out there to create scalable websites that ace at performance. From simple web pages to high end dynamic web applications we use the latest frameworks and database models to ensure the best performance. Our mobile development team service to different sectors and develop for all your favorite platfroms inclduing iOS, Android and Windows. If your business is looking to expand and go mobile then get it touch with us to know more.

Cloud Solutions

Harness the power of the cloud. We offer multiple cloud solutions and services that your business can benefit from. Our cloud services include platform-as-a-service on cloud with rest API support, which makes you build your web/mobile applications in minutes on all popular technologies. DB-as-a-service, where fully managed/scalable database is available as a cloud. Get in touch with us to know more about how we can improve your business with the power of cloud technology.

Architecture Migration To Cloud

Assessment of Portability

Cloud Strategy Establishment

Evaluation of Security

Cloud Engineering

Cloud Implementation

E-Commerce Solutions

We provide customized ecommerce solutions depending on your business, specific requirements and industry. Ecome is an e - commerce solution and a framework that comes with lots of features out of the box, such as payment integrations, customized carts, shipping options, product analytics, intelligent search etc. Ecome is flexible and can be customized to suit the needs of companies with different models such as B2B or B2C. Ecome is built on nodejs and uses react framework, and uses machine learning for search and product analytics to improve sales.


Do you require specialized assistance in developing software architecture, choosing the right platform, programming language, help with cloud deployment or need assistance in developing a mobile / web solution ? We provide high quality services to emerging startups and small-medium size companies. Our highly skilled team of software architects, data scientists, web/mobile developers, testers and debuggers can help accelerate your development and decrease the time to get to the market.

Design / User Experience

Back End Architecture

Development Strategy


Server Side Assistance

Integrations and Communication

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