Internet Of Things

Create and execute a successful Internet of Things with Irisind IoT consulting services. Our team can help you develop an IoT road map, implement the right IoT applications and architecture for your business. Get support at any stage of your digital transformation – whether you’re just getting started or have existing IoT challenges to overcome.


Understand how the Internet of Things (IoT) its impact on your company, identify new IoT business models, and create an individual road map to success with help from our advisory services.
Define new addressable market segments, products, services, and business models. Identify the key capabilities and technologies needed to reach your desired IoT maturity level

Proof of
concept Services

Know how an IoT application will work before you implement it – with our proof of concept services. We’ll provide you with a cloud prototype of your application and connect it to real machines, devices, and sensor data so you can see it in action. Receive an affordable prototype with your own machine data in the cloud.

Custom IoT services with
Senze business intelligence

SenZe is a plug and play hardware business intelligence solution from Irisind that collects and analyzes real time data on the cloud from places where data exists but remains untapped, in a non-intrusive way.

Frugal innovation products from Taprint

TAPrint Technologies Pvt Ltd is subsidiary research and development company funded by Irisind, Taprint focus on frugal innovation products.